AIG Workers Compensation Quotes and Indications

sildenafil citrate 20 mg At Empire Pacific Sovereign, we represent many fine insurance carriers. As your own experience informs you, each carrier has different processes, procedures and levels of authority. With several of our markets, Sovereign has broad in-house quote and bind authority that allows for quick turnaround on your agency’s new business quotes and indications. In particular, Chartis offers Sovereign and our affiliated brokers in-house quote and bind for workers compensation, excess liability and miscellaneous professional liability. This article will detail the information required to obtain a Chartis workers compensation quote and point out the uses and advantages of an indication.

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NCCI Seeks to Update Experience Rating

Experience rating modification (ERM) as used in workers compensation is intended to objectively adjust premium promulgation according to an individual employer’s claim history. ERM’s can have a significant affect on final premium calculations and are used in some industries as eligibility thresholds for vendors and contractors.

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