FreedomCare - Affordable Care Act Solution

  • Why Choose FreedomCare…
    • Choose FreedomCare because it is the law… and because not compliance will be very painful in a number of ways.
    • Choose FreedomCare because it is the best option for the company’s culture.
    • Choose FreedomCare because it will attract better employees.
    • Choose FreedomCare benefits because this choice will make your company more profitable because better employees correlates into better productivity.
    • Choose FreedomCare for your family because this is the only ACA-ObamaCare option that can make your company more profitable and allow owners to protect assets, transfer wealth, reduce tax and avoid probate.

November 15 - Enrollment Deadline

    • Too many employers think that their ObamaCare deadline is December 31, 2014… But that is only partially correct.
    • Employees may enroll at Exchanges effective November 15, 2014 making this an effective deadline.
    • Failure to already have an ACA compliant coverage option prior to enrollment can be very expensive.
    • The Exchanges will report non-compliant employers to the regulatory authorities.
    • To avoid being placed on an IRS non-compliant list have you ACA compliant plan in place prior to November 15.

ObamaCare Is Not A Disease

    • FreedomCare has the best elements of time tested risk management strategies to include risk retention, risk transfer and progressive company culture.
    • Substantial financial advantages only found in the 831b tax preference provided to small captive insurance companies are very material to company owners, their families and other key employees.
    • Structural and regulatory flexibility to comply with the Affordable Care Act that traditional insurance products simply do not consider or offer.
    • A turn-key solution; Education, enrollment services, ongoing administration, claims management and Self Directed Insurance Trust (SDIT) management.
    • FreedomCare is the singular / exclusive coverage mechanism that creates a format to actually profit (yes profit) from the introduction of the ACA – ObamaCare.


    • Self-Insurance is one of the most overused and misused terms in the insurance industry.
    • Self-Insurance in practice and execution is much more that a large deductible and/or a large co-payment.
    • Self-Insurance should be part of a risk management culture and more than an undercapitalized rainy-day fund devoid of strategic planning.
    • Self-Insurance is a pathway into ERISA and a strategic way to navigate through ObamaCare profitably.
    • Self-Insurance is made easy and simple with FreedomCare via its turnkey solution.

Captive Insurance

    • Captive insurance is neither esoteric nor exotic but instead a strategic option available to companies of various size for nearly three decades.
    • Captive insurance is part of a company’s strategic choices and an election and a process demanding strategic planning, commitment and professional execution.

Business Trust

    • A business Trust is established primarily to protect assets of the company and its owners.
    • A business Trust creates an asset transfer mechanism and may control how beneficiaries can receive assets.
    • A business Trust assists in avoiding probate.
    • Any company that has a strong risk management culture, takes the long-view regarding wealth management and has strategic perpetuation plans can take full advantage of FreedomCare’s unique Self Directed Insurance Trust (SDIT) turnkey option.

A.C.A – ObamaCare Solved

    • The FreedomCare advantage is the unique fusion of self-insurance, captive insurance and a business trust.
    • This fusion of strategies is neatly package as a turnkey product.
    • The first benefit of this fusion is the time tested risk management and risk transfer mechanisms resulting in increased productivity and profit.
    • The second benefit is from the captive insurance (831b) tax preference that can have a material impact regarding retained income not found anywhere else.
    • The next benefit is from the long range planning, asset protection – asset transfer the company owners will enjoy typically found within a well-structured business trust.

A & B Taxes

  • What are the A-Tax and the B-Tax? In the simplest terms these two taxes are as follows:
    • A-Tax of $2000 per employee - per year when a company fails to offer healthcare to less than 70% of their full time employees.
    • B-Tax of $3000 per subsidized employee - per year if the employer fails to offer a plan that is affordable and minimum value.
    Other Questions:
    • What happens when an employee goes to an exchange and declares that their employer is knowingly non-compliant with the Affordable Care Act Laws?
    • Where does the exchange send that noncompliant employer information to? (Read - IRS)
    • What can state and federal regulatory authorities do with this non-compliant employer information and what other scrutiny can a state or federal authority deliver?
    • What kind of “whistle-blower” protections does an employee or class of employees receive when they report non-compliant employers to regulatory authorities?

Pundits and Traditional Solutions

    • ACA-ObamaCare pundits have complained and vilified and fought what is now the law.
    • Similar pundits attacked Social Security and promised the courts or the next congress or the next administration would make this entitlement go away.
    • The Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare is the law validated by the US Supreme Court.
    • Insurers are participating and profiting in Exchanges while more and more hospitals groups and other providers are embracing the Affordable Care Act.
    • Companies can choose to be non-compliant and be heavily penalized… or
    • Companies can choose a solution…
    • A solution that improves company culture, a solution that improves company productivity and a solution that improves company profit margins.
    • Isn’t it time to stop arguing about the Affordable Care Act and review the best solutions for your company?
    • There is only one Affordable Care Act solution that will allow a company to be 100% compliant and also profit from the new law and the one solution is FreedomCare.