FreedomCare + Plus

FreedomCare+Plus is a Minimum Essential Coverage plan designed to meet the requirements of The Affordable Care Act for around $100 per employee. It is a minimum benefit, low utilization plan that will satisfy the employee’s individual mandate at no cost to the employee. We expect 100% enrollment in FreedomCare+Plus. Companies that offer this plan will be compliant with the minimum essential coverage provisions and will not be subject to the “A-Tax”.

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FreedomCare + Plus

Questions about FreedomCare + Plus?

  • How does FreedomCare+Plus satisfy the “B-Tax”?

    FreedomCare+Plus meets the affordable and minimum value provisions of the Affordable Care Act, but is designed as a low enrollment plan. This plan is subject to two deductibles: one is $6,350 medical, and the second is $6,350 Rx. FreedomCare+Plus has a limited enrollment period of 15 days, and a cost to the employee. All employees will be offered this plan and will need to contact our call-center to enroll. The call-center will explain FreedomCare+Plus and, if applicable, provide information on more affordable and benefit rich options based on the employees individual needs including: Indemnity plans, fully insured plans and the exchange. Offering this plan will cover the "B-Tax" requirement.

  • Who is FreedomCare+Plus offered to?

    FreedomCare+Plus is offered to all full-time employees, and any qualified dependents of those full-time employees

  • Can FreedomCare+Plus be offered in with other insurance?

    Yes - Both FreedomCare-Basic and FreedomCare+Plus can be offered in conjunction with other plans. FreedomCare has no minimum participation or minimum offering requirements

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FreedomCare - Basic

A Minimum Essential Coverage plan. This plan is compliant with the minimum essential coverage provisions and will not be subject to the “A-Tax”.

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