FreedomCare - Basic

FreedomCare-Basic is a Minimum Essential Coverage plan designed to meet the requirements of The Affordable Care Act for around $100 per employee. It is a minimum benefit, low utilization plan that will satisfy the employee’s individual mandate at no cost to the employee. We expect 100% enrollment in FreedomCare-Basic. Companies that offer this plan will be compliant with the minimum essential coverage provisions and will not be subject to the “A-Tax”.

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FreedomCare - Basic

Questions about FreedomCare - Basic?

  • How does FreedomCare-Basic satisfy the “A-Tax”?

    The Affordable Care Act requires that employers who have 50 or more full-time employees provide minimum essential coverage to any qualified employees. In order to fulfill this requirement, FreedomCare created an employer sponsored plan suitable to fulfill both the Employer Mandate under the ACA, as well as the Individual Mandate under the ACA. When an employer enrolls in FreedomCare-Basic, the self-insured health plan is an employer sponsored plan for purposes of the Affordable Care Act. That employer sponsored plan provides minimum essential coverage to its employees. In order for an employee to satisfy the Individual Mandate, the individual employee must be provided with an employer sponsored plan that has minimum essential coverage. FreedomCare-Basic is an employer sponsored plan that provides minimum essential coverage to employees. Therefore, FreedomCare-Basic satisfies the Employer Mandate as well as the Individual Mandate under the ACA. By automatically enrolling all employees the company will not be exposed to the $2000 per employee ­ per year excise tax commonly referred to as the "A" tax. The minimum standard is that 70% of a company's employees be offered coverage.

  • What types of Coverage are included in FreedomCare-Basic?

    FreedomCare-Basic is a Preventative and Wellness plan that covers 63 Preventative and Wellness benefits. Some of these include but are not limited to:

    • Diet Counseling
    • Diabetes Screening
    • Depression Screening
    • Multiple Cancer Screenings
    • Cholesterol Screening
    • Blood Pressure Screening
    • Obesity Screening
    • Immunizations
    • Behavioral Assessments
    • And 54 others.
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FreedomCare + Plus

FreedomCare+Plus meets the affordable and minimum value provisions. Offering this plan will meet the “B-Tax” requirement.

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