Are Your Clients Ready for Obamacare? ACA compliance just got EASY.

FreedomCare is a one-of-a-kind program that allows employers to tailor their own health benefits. FreedomCare offers a unique plan design that is certified to be 100% Affordable Care Act Compliant… All for about $100 per employee per month. No other 100% ACA compliant health benefits plan gives an employer the ability to mitigate costs and enhance its bottom line. FreedomCare also offers variations of it most coveted fully-compliant plan for less. These alternative plans that are “minimum essential coverage” (MEC) plans for those employers that want to tailor their benefits.

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  • All employers are eligible for FreedomCare plans
  • Unique fully ACA compliant plans for all employers with 50 or more employees

Focusing on but not limited to: link

  • All employers are eligible for FreedomCare plans
  • Agri-business
  • Call Centers
  • Construction
  • Farm Labor Contractors
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitality – Restaurants
  • Landscaping
  • Long-term Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Senior Care
  • Security Guards
  • Staffing Companies – PEOs
  • Any company with a large employee base of newly insured employees

FreedomCare - Basic A Minimum Essential Coverage plan. This plan is compliant with the minimum essential coverage provisions and will not be subject to the “A-Tax”.

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FreedomCare + Plus

FreedomCare+Plus meets the affordable and minimum value provisions. Offering this plan will meet the “B-Tax” requirement.

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Why FreedomCare?

FreedomCare is the best option for a variety of employers and industries… But especially those employers that have not historically provided health care benefits to a majority of their employees. FreedomCare was developed to be 100% compliant with the Affordable Care Act while providing great flexibility and strategies that could allow savvy employers the ability to not just mitigate the costs of ObamaCare but to potentially profit from the advent of ObamaCare. FreedomCare is certainly the best option for employers who historically have provided health benefits to a select group of employees but now face the regulatory requirement of providing health benefits coverage to an additional employee population that is either; low-skill, low–wage or transient

Non-compliance with ObamaCare can cost an employer excise taxes upward of $2000 (A-tax) and $3000 (B-tax) per employee - per year. These excise taxes are not tax deductible. The excise taxes do not include the additional penalties of not offering mandated coverage options required under ObamaCare. These additional penalties can be upwards of $100 per employee – per day. Example: A completely non-compliant employer with 100 calculated full-time employees could face excise taxes and penalties totaling millions of dollars for one calendar year. With non-compliance, there are additional subjective costs that are not easily calculated: time involved with state and federal authority investigations, costs associated with attorney’s defense and CPAs to provide assistance and documentation. Non-compliance can be 100% avoided with a combination of FreedomCare-Basic and FreedomCare+Plus.

article source For those employers that will risk regulatory review with partial non-compliance but still want some of the advantages of FreedomCare there are scaled-down, lower cost options to fit any combination of employer determined risk and reward.

Who’s Eligible?

Any company that wants to provide health care benefits to employees is eligible for FreedomCare. The FreedomCare advantage is not limited by either the size or complexity of the company.  FreedomCare was designed for those employers who are required to comply with the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) effective 2015 and the next group of smaller employers that will be required to comply in the years that follow.  But FreedomCare is not limited to only those employers that must comply with ObamaCare.

The FreedomCare advantage can be utilized by employers of any size; however, rewards are maximized by employers that have 100 or more (ACA calculated) full-time employees.  The inherent low cost of FreedomCare combined with the associated asset protection - wealth management of FreedomCare is scalable for a variety of employer types and sizes. The FreedomCare advantage is maximized by closely held corporations that are typically an S-corp or LLC.  These same corporations will have a focus on generational perpetuation, risk transfer, asset protection and wealth management.  Additionally, these FreedomCare eligible corporations may be within industries that are typically; labor intensive, low-wage and low skilled with a workforce that can be transitory or seasonal.  These industries may include but certainly not limited to: Senior Care – Long Term Care, Hospitality, Professional Employment – Staffing – Farm Labor Contractors, Agri-Business, Construction – Landscape, Call Centers, Grocery and Manufacturing.

Who is eligible?

  • Any employer that wants to do more than just react to ObamaCare by attempting to simply mitigate the mandated health benefits coverage costs of the Affordable Care Act
  • Any employer that wants to answer ObamaCare by investigating options, strategically evolve a risk management – wealth management – perpetuation strategy that best benefits the company, its owners, senior staff and employees