Every agency’s success hinges on delivering value to its clients. Making Wholesale or General Insurance Agent placements adds a dimension of uncertainty that includes new forms, unseen insurance underwriters and sometimes delay. We bridge the uncertainty with knowledge, experience and trust that assures the crucial delivery of value on every brokered placement.

The Empire Pacific Sovereign (EPS) team handles accounts differently, resulting in effective solutions for the client’s insurance underwriting needs. How is it done?

  • We do not simply click “Forward” to email the submission to the underwriter.
  • We review each submission for content, clarity and coverage, using a team approach.
  • We fill-in the blanks by preparing loss summaries, exposure history, x-mod history, etc.
  • We organize all the information in a logical format. We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to tell the client’s story.

This approach has helped to build strong carrier relationships. It gets the submission to the top of the underwriter’s stack. Empire Pacific Sovereign works with the underwriter to craft a comprehensive insurance program at a competitive price. We help our producers write new accounts and retain renewals.