Obamacare Employer Mandate Deadline: December 31, 2015 Any agent, no matter what your specialty, can sell FreedomCare, even if you've never done benefits. >> Learn More
Employer Mandate Begins in:

Worker's Comp

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Target Industries / Businesses
    • Construction - Commercial and Residential
    • Healthcare - Senior Living, Assisted Living, etc.
    • Hospitality - Restaurants, Motels / Hotels
    • Transportation / Trucking
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy-related Risks
    • Retail / Wholesale
    • Property Management
    • Non-Profit Charitable 5012(c)(3)
  • USL&H Targeted Classes
    • Ship Builders
    • Stevedoring
    • Terminal Operators
    • Barge Repair
    • Ship Repair
  • Specialty Workers Compensation
    • Excess WC for self-insured entities
    • Foreign WC
  • Application Submission Requirements
    • Fully-completed  ACORD 130 including FEIN, years in business, number of employees by class code, and all insured locations.
    • Comprehensive description of operations
    • Supplemental Application
    • Experience Modification Worksheet
    • 5 years company loss runs valued within 90 days of effective date
    • Narrative for all claims over $25,000
    • Description of risk management efforts to control future claims
    • Target premium

Umbrella / Excess Liability

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance Target Industries / Businesses
    • Commercial General and Artisan Contractors
    • Commercial Construction Job/Project Specific.
    • Commercial Construction Wrap ups
    • Residential Artisan Contractors
    • Crane Rental with operator
    • Commercial Real Estate Developers
    • Property Owners
    • Manufacturers
    • Distributors
    • Wholesale and Retail
    • Habitational and Apartments
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels / Motels
    • Meat, Dairy and Seafood Processing
    • Recycling / Scrap Metal Dealers
    • And more
  • Application Submission Requirements
    • Fully-completed Acord 125 and 131
    • Supplemental Applications (as required)
    • Copy of Underlying GL Quote or Policy
    • 5 years company loss runs valued within 90 days of effective date
    • Target premium


  • Casualty Insurance Highlights
    • In-house quote and bind
    • Admitted and non-admitted markets
    • Short fuse (rush) opportunities welcome
    • High hazard and high ex-mod accounts
    • Low hazard and small business risks
    • Small accounts acceptable with broker fee
  • Submission Requirements
    • Completed Acord 125 with FEIN
    • Years in business
    • 4 years loss reports valued within 90 days of effective date
    • List all locations of insured
    • Detailed description of operations
    • Supplemental application will be requested when required
    • Resume of principals with new ventures
  • Major Classes
    • Contractors - Download Flyer
    • Products liability
    • Excess casualty
    • Lessor’s risk only
    • Liquor liability
    • Residential contractors
    • Umbrella
    • Wrap-up
    • Premises only
  • Highlighted Classes
    • General contractors
    • Hospitality
    • Habitational
    • Janitorial services
    • Street and road contractors
    • Roofing
    • Concrete contractor
    • Excavation contractor
    • Commercial framing


  • Property Insurance Highlights
    • Quote and bind facilities
    • Up to $50 Million per location - standard risks
    • Up to $20 Million per location - non-standard risks
    • Protection 9 & 10
    • Building ages up to 100 years
    • Commercial wind in hurricane regions
    • Vacant Dwellings & Commercial Buildings
  • Major Classifications
    • Hospitality
    • Retail
    • Office Buildings
    • Vacant Buildings
    • Partially Vacant Buildings
    • Lessor's Risk Only
    • Habitational
    • Inland Marine
  • Current Hot Classes
    • Vacant Dwellings
    • Vacant Commercial Buildings
    • Rental Dwellings
    • Strip Malls (LRO) - Occupied, Partially Occupied or Vacant
    • Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Agricultural facilities
  • Other Targeted Classes
    • Airport Hangers
    • Chalet / Mountain Rentals
    • Bed and Breakfast Inns
    • Camp Properties
    • Office Building / Parks
    • Warehouse Mini-Storage
    • Vehicle Repair Shops
    • Machine Shops
    • Automobile Storage
  • Submission Requirements
    • Completed ACORD 125
    • Completed ACORD 140
    • Four years currently valued loss runs
    • Supplemental App may be required upon review of account
Turn the Obamacare Nightmare
Into the Obamacare Opportunity


  • FreedomCare is designed to make Affordable HealthCare Act (ACA) compliance healthcare benefits EASY, even if it's outside your niche
  • All companies with 100 or more ACA calculated full-time employees should become compliant with ObamaCare by Nov 15, 2015, to eliminate the possibility of non-deductible excise taxes and absolutely no later than December 31, 2015 to mitigate excise taxes and additional penalties associated with November “open enrollment” to the exchanges.
  • FreedomCare can actually make money for some employers

Focusing on but not limited to:

  • All employers are eligible for FreedomCare plans
  • Agri-business
  • Call Centers
  • Construction
  • Farm Labor Contractors
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitality - Resturants
  • Landscaping
  • Long-term Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Senior Care
  • Security Guards
  • Staffing Companies - PEOs
  • Any company with a large employee base of newly insured employees
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About Empire Pacific What Sets Us Apart

Every agency's success hinges on delivering value to its clients. Making Wholesale or General Agent insurance placements adds a dimension of uncertainty that includes new forms, unseen underwriters and sometimes delay. Empire Pacific Sovereign (EPS) bridges the uncertainty with knowledge, experience and trust that assures the crucial delivery of value on every brokered placement.

The EPS team handles accounts differently, resulting in effective solutions for the client’s insurance needs. How is it done?

  • We do not simply click “Forward” to email the insurance submission to the underwriter.
  • We review each submission for content, clarity and coverage, using a team approach.
  • We fill-in the blanks by preparing loss summaries, exposure history, x-mod history, etc.
  • We organize all the information in a logical format. We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to tell the client’s story.

This approach has helped to build strong carrier relationships. It gets the submission to the top of the insurance underwriter’s stack. We then work with the underwriter to craft a comprehensive insurance program at a competitive price. We help our producers write new accounts and retain renewals.